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Santa routes 2023

food bank donations taken on behalf of middlewich food bank & the Salvation army. All non perishable food items are accepted,
Foodbank donations 2022.png
You can also support St Lukes hospice by booking your Christmas tree collection below.

Santa routes

Each night starts at 6pm, you can track Santa on the map below or by clicking on the button below.

Monday 4th

Brinefield Way, Bowie Place, Weddell Road, Collins Drive, Sifta Close, Rowan Close, Coppice Drive, Telfer Close, Fernleigh Close, Venables Way, Shilton Close, Kingswood Cres., Chesterton Close, Fairacre Drive, Cedar Close, Sycamore Drive, Northwood avenue, Steel Road, Milton Close, Byron Close, Inglewood Ave, Warmingham Lane, Cross Lane.

Monday 4th.JPG

Tuesday 5th

Booth Lane, Cledford Crescent, Hutchins Close, Back to booth Lane, Alexandra Road, Booth Lane (To Long Lane South Junction), Warmingham Lane to Chadwick Road, Queens Drive, Windsor Close, Dale Crescent, George VI Ave, Moss Drive, Coronation Road, Princess Crescent, Chadwick Road.

Wednesday 6th

Whatcroft Way, Clive Way, Minshull Close, Hulme Square, Bunbury Close, Tarvin Close, Davenham Way, Beeston Close, Broxton Ave, Falcon Close, Kestrel Close, Blackwell Close, Nightingale Close, Lister Close, The Green, Jubilee Pastures, Gorsley Close, Eardswick Road, Ashmore Close, Whitemore Road, Hankelow Close, Chadwick Road.

Thursday 7th

Sutton Lane (From RBL to Long Lane Crossroads), Water Edge Mews, Manor Fields, Long Lane South, Barrington Drive, Pippin Close, Cresanne Close, Dunmore Close, Back to Long Lane South, Middlewich Youth – Wych Centre, Elm Road, Orchard Close, Ash Grove, Poplar Drive, Rest Of Long Lane South, Booth Lane (From Long Lane South Junction to Middlewich), Kitfield Ave, St Annes Ave, Back to Booth Lane, Wardle Mews, Rest of Booth Lane, Maidenhills, The Locks.

Friday 8th

Sutton Lane From Long Lane Junction, Rushton Drive, Henbury Close, Allgreave Close, Bosley Close, Butley Close, Astle Close, Mottram Close, , Whirley Close, Rainbow Close, Hurdsfield Close, Whitley Close, Weston Close, Ladies Walk, Rolt Crescent, Wavertree Close, Rest of Rolt Crescent, Hayhurst Ave (from Long Lane Roundabout), Walker Drive, Eaton Drive, Smallwood Close, Westbury Close, Hilton Close, Norbury Drive, Farley Close, Buckley Close, Overton Close, Swanscoe Close, Back to Hayhurst Ave, Blakelow Close, Brynlow Drive, Simonswood Close, Bradley Close, Kerridge Close, Greendale Drive, Old gate Close, Warren Close, Ryecroft Close, Rest of Greendale Drive, Back to Brynlow Drive, The Parklands, Longmoss Close.

Monday 11th

Monday 11th.JPG

Long Lane, Manor Crescent, Denbeigh Close, Rutland Drive, Back to Long Lane, Hayhurst Ave (Roundabout to Sutton Lane), Long Lane, Roylance Drive, Shropshire Close, Hubert Drive, St Annes Road, Stallard Way, Bembridge Drive, Sandown Close, Mather Close, Ventnor Close, Rest of Bembridge Drive, Back to St Annes Road, Queen Street, Rest of St Annes Road, Westlands Road, East Road, Nantwich Road, Glastonbury Drive, Buckfast Way, Tewksbury Close, Wellbeck Close, Rest of Glastonbury Drive, Fountains Close, Westminster Close, Rest of Nantwich Road.

Tuesday 12th

Wheelock Street, Darlington Street, Newton Heath, Newton Bank (and One Way System), Chester Road, Grange Lea, Goodwood Rise, Croxton Lane, Beechfield Drive, Back to Croxton Lane, Meadow View, Waterside Way, The Windings, Canalside, Rest of Croxton Lane, Finney’s Lane, Paddock View, Harbutts View, Ravenscroft Close, Webbs Lane, Willow Ct, Seddon Street, Pepper Street, The Moorings.

Wednesday 13th

Regency Walk, New King Street, King Street, Hadrian Way, Rest of King Street, Coriander Close, Pennymoor Drive, Cow Estate, Holmes Chapel Road.

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